Fontainebleau Miami Travel Guide

Hello ladies, Hope you are all doing well! I'm back with a new blog post for you guys today and this blog post is all about my experience at Fontainbleau Resort and Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. This is a five star hotel with contemporary rooms, spa services, beautiful clear water 20 acres of beach, upscale dining, boutique shops and one of the most famous nightclubs in the country.  The hotel offers an array of different rooms depending on the budget you want to spend with the p… Read more

Solgaard Carry-on Closet Suitcase

It's that time of year again ladies πŸ›© Time to travel because it's your vacation period or maybe you are going to be visiting family and friends in a nearby town or state for the holidays. This time of year everyone is traveling and the; airports, bus stations, and train stations are all packed with travelers. Before traveling or going away I find it extremely important for me to plan and schedule everything out so I am prepared and don't leave anything I need behind (you … Read more

Londontown Lakur Nail Polish Review - Vegan and 9 Free

As you all know I'm a big fan of good quality nail polishes as I love to pamper myself weekly and always love to have nicely painted nails. I was very excited when Londontown reached out to me and wanted me to try their nail polishes. They have a huge selection of beautiful colors for all tastes and their pricing is good at $16/each. But the best part about this brand is that they are vegan, cruelty free and 9 free and are made in the U.S. They were kind enough to send me three di… Read more

Chick-fil-A Catering at Babbleboxx Holiday Party

The Babbleboxx holiday party was definitely a success, such a fun night to mingle and network with various brands and different influencers. One of the best parts about the party was the catering from Chick-fil-A, it was so good and tasty! If you were there you probably saw me running back for seconds, and maybe thirds πŸ˜‚ The great thing is that Chick-fil-A offers catering for any type of event! The holidays are coming up and sometimes hosting and cooking for a big number of people c… Read more

Nads Body Wax Strips Review | Nads x Babblebox

Hello ladies, the weather is getting colder but that doesn't mean that us women stop shaving/waxing unwanted hair on our body. I'm the type of person that does not like unwanted hair (legs, underarm, etc) and always gets my hair waxed because I am allergic to shaving. Everytime I shave, my hair grows back so fast and I get so many little bumps that does NOT look attractive πŸ˜‚ Waxing is definitely essential to me but can become extremely expensive especially if you have lots of… Read more

Clarins Joli Rouge Lipsticks - Review

Hello ladies, welcome back to another post here on my blog! Today I have this exciting review to share with all of you, I was gifted these beautiful lipsticks from Clarins from their Joli Rouge collection. This collection was truly surprising to me and such a great idea that Clarins had, the fact that they had one color but three different finishes on your lips. The three finishes include: Hydration Brilliance  - Moisturizing sheer color on your lips with a sparkling shine Matte and Mois… Read more

Review: Inika Organic

Hey girls, welcome back! Today I'm here to share with you guys my thoughts and impressions on this natural, organic, vegan free line from Inika Organic . I was super happy to be able to receive a box full of their goodies and be able to test their products out to share with you guys. What I love most was that they are an organic line that dont test on animals! 🐰🐢🐹 Let's start off with the packaging of the product, I loved the material of the packaging as it is matte black an… Read more