Clarins Joli Rouge Lipsticks - Review

Hello ladies, welcome back to another post here on my blog! Today I have this exciting review to share with all of you, I was gifted these beautiful lipsticks from Clarins from their Joli Rouge collection.

This collection was truly surprising to me and such a great idea that Clarins had, the fact that they had one color but three different finishes on your lips. The three finishes include:

  • Hydration Brilliance - Moisturizing sheer color on your lips with a sparkling shine
  • Matte and Moisturizing - intense long wearing with luminous matte finish
  • Hydration Tenue - Moisturizing long wearing lipstick in regular finish

The reason because I believe this idea is genius is because at times we love a lipstick color so much but wish it came in a different finish. All girls have different tastes in the finish of their lipstick they like to use. Some days we want something dramatic, others we want something sheer and perfect for everyday. It all depends on the day and the occasion.

And now it's great that a brand is giving their customers and opportunity to have their favorite shade of lipstick in three different finishes.

All colors are extremely long wearing and comfortable on the lips. I loved this color which is 737 Spicy Cinnamon. It's the perfect shade for the fall and winter and will make any women with any skin color look amazing.💕💝 Just pick your favorite finish and rock it!

Thank you Clarins, for allowing me to test out your lipsticks! 
Buy them here 👉👉

Thank you ladies for reading, and until next time!

Xoxo, 💋
Viviane Perpétuo


  1. What an amazing idea!! I’m going to keep these in mind this holiday season!

  2. Looks like a great gift for the holidays!

  3. Wow, I can't believe how different the same color looks in a different finish! I think the brilliant is my favorite.
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