Nails of The Week

Hey guys and happy Saturday, one of my favorite days when I'm home 😍
If you didn't know I am in love with doing my nails, it's been one of my favorite hobbies since I was around 13-14 years old. Growing up I always bit and chewed my nails, which is hard to believe when you look at my nails today 😂 I officially stopped biting my nails after my first manicure because I just fell in love with how beautiful my nails looked. After my first manicure I was completely hooked on having pretty nails so I quickly learned how to do a at home Brazilian manicures (removing cuticles, filing, and painting) and also learned how to do designs and flowers. There was actually a time in highschool when I would do my nails twice a week just to always have a freshly done manicure. Therefore because of my love for doing my nails at home and for always having beautiful looking nails I've decided to create a blogpost every week to show you guys my nails of the week!😄

I really enjoy looking on pinterest to find ideas or just trying out different colors and designs and this week I found this idea and just wanted to re-create it.

I absolutely loved the result, the color combination matched well together and these colors are so perfect for Spring/Summer even though it's currently fall 😂.

The colors included are:

  1. Essie - Private Weekend
  2. Essie - Beyond Cozy
  3. OPI - Suzy without a Paddle
  4. Essie Top Coat

I really hope you girls enjoyed!

Until next time 💕

Viviane 😘