New Beginnings and Fall Outfit

Hello everyone,
Welcome back to the Viviane Perpetuo Blog! Yes your read that right, blog! I seriously cannot believe that after 7 years I'm back here writing a blog post for you guys on my new and improved website. For the ones who have known me and have followed my blogging/youtube journey know this isn't my first time at the rodeo and know I've been doing this as a hobby for so many years now. Along these years I've tried and tried again and gave up so many times on a dream that I believed was so distant for me. I could never find the proper content to write here on my blog and didn't completely know the direction that was right for me; as many of you know most of my content is in portuguese including most Instagram stories and Youtube videos. But Portuguese isn't my first language and I sometimes find myself struggling to be able to get my message across or express my feelings in writing, I'm so good at speaking the language and communicating with others but I'm still not 100% fluent on my writing skills and was afraid of being made fun of or always criticized at my grammatical errors. I've been delaying posting entries on this blog until I knew exactly what my true focus was and what I truly want for my future.. and just finally I think I know what my true intents and true passion is..

If you don't know me by now and just stumbled upon this blog you probably don't know that most of my following is on Instagram, but I've never been the type of person to put all my eggs in just one basket. I want to be able to branch out and use my creative mind to do other things that are not as common, I just don't want to be referred as a Instagram Blogger; I want to have way more content than just that. I believe this blog will be a great outlet for me to share so many of my true passions revolved around beauty, style and my everyday life as a young adult and the best part is that I will be sharing it all in English for you guys! I've always had such a love for writing even throughout high school and college, I loved getting all my ideas/thoughts/memories out in writing to share and express my true feelings  😃 I'm extremely exciting about this new and improved blog and I hope and pray this will be a journey full of wonderful things.

As for my first post I wanted to share with you guys these beautiful fall pictures that I took just when the leaves were starting to turn color and the fall breeze was in the air. I seriously cannot believe how this year has flew by and how it will soon be Christmas again! Time is flying just before our very eyes..I'm completely in love with great quality photos and photography, I love being in front of the camera but still need to work on my behind the camera skills 😂

Outfit: Forever 21
I really hope you guys enjoyed my first blog post as it will be the first to many! Cheers 😍
Thank you all so much and until next time..

xoxo, Viviane 😘💕


  1. I really liked the combination of textures and colors in this image because they are perfectly suited to your type of appearance and figure.


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