Review: Inika Organic

Hey girls, welcome back!
Today I'm here to share with you guys my thoughts and impressions on this natural, organic, vegan free line from Inika Organic. I was super happy to be able to receive a box full of their goodies and be able to test their products out to share with you guys. What I love most was that they are an organic line that dont test on animals! 🐰🐢🐹

Let's start off with the packaging of the product, I loved the material of the packaging as it is matte black and the texture is so sleek. I received products that would help me complete my makeup from start to finish, from primer to foundation to powder. 

In the video I did my full face of makeup and gave you my opinions of each product shown in the picture above. I absolutely adored the primer because it was extremely hydrating on my skin, the foundation is of light coverage put has a strong scent and the concealer is of light coverage as well. And the light coverage was completely fine with me because I like my makeup to be more natural for everyday.

I noticed that these products don't have much pigmentation because they create a more natural makeup look and would be essential for girls who wear minimal makeup.

Watch the video for you to get all the details and my opinion on the products. 

The blush was flakey and didn't give off much pigmentation and the bronzer was a couple shades to light for my skin tone, but I loved the highlighter because of the beautiful color and how it looked on my skin. I also really enjoyed the lipstick because it's an amazing color for everyday. πŸ˜„

This is what the final makeup look ended up looking like 😍 Natural and absolutely beautiful!

Really hope you guys enjoyed today's post! Until next time

Viviane 😘