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Hello ladies, the weather is getting colder but that doesn't mean that us women stop shaving/waxing unwanted hair on our body. I'm the type of person that does not like unwanted hair (legs, underarm, etc) and always gets my hair waxed because I am allergic to shaving. Everytime I shave, my hair grows back so fast and I get so many little bumps that does NOT look attractive 😂 Waxing is definitely essential to me but can become extremely expensive especially if you have lots of hair that grows back very fast and sometimes with our busy schedule booking an appointment get become frustrating.

Nads is a great alternative to waxing at home! It's an inexpensive and fast way to remove unwanted hair at any time.

It's super easy to use the wax strips and the directions are easy. The directions are as followed:

  • Grab a strip, make sure your skin is clean and dry for this process
  •  Rub the strip, and slowly begin to separate the strips into two individuals strips.
  • Apply the strip on the area desirable in the direction of the hair growth 
  • Pull strip off skin in the opposite direction of hair growth
Super easy steps and guess what?! It doesn't hurt! If you are used to getting a wax at a waxing spot that will hurt more than these wax strips, and not to mention the amazing smell of beeswax honey they have, so good. 😍 These strips can be used on any part of your body and is dermatologically tested and safe for sensitive skin. 

Aside from receiving 28 waxing strips (14 double sided) you will also receive 4 post wax calming oil wipes, or you can just apply a unscented lotion that is good on sensitive skin. 

I was extremely happy to test out this product and loved the final result on my skin, my hair did not start growing back until 2 weeks and it grew back very lightly and not thick like when you shave. If you want to test out this product you can find it here →

Really hope you ladies enjoyed! Until next time.



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