B Floral's Floral Accessories Spring Preview

Hey guys, welcome back to a new blog post! Last week (on 3/26) I had the opportunity to attend B Floral's Floral Accessories Spring Preview Event which was so amazing! The preview showcased three different styles of their accessories which included Cactus, Pink Flowers, and a Alice in Wonderland theme.

All the floral accessories are handmade with real flowers, and they smell amazing! What I thought was so interesting is how these accessories are such a statement piece, so beautiful and extremely unique. Something that everyone will become inspired and admired by because of how uniquely beautiful the pieces are. And definitely a show stopper piece! These accessories are only made to last one day because they are real flowers so they would be ideal pieces for a wedding, photoshoot or any special occasion day.

As you can see the accessories are thought of with every detail, and they make every and any type of accessory as well such as rings, earings, necklaces, hair crowns etc.

All collections were extremely beautiful but my all time favorite was the pink, I believe the colors match with my style and seem more princess like 👸

What is your favorite collection? Let me know in the comments. Hope you guys enjoyed today's post and until next time. 

Xoxo, 💋