Fall Fashion Trends 2019

Hello ladies, welcome back to my blog! Today's post is all about the fashion trends of Fall 2019. It's finally fall and that means colder weather, and nice crisp leaves that make for beautiful photography. It's the season that everyone loves to play with their style and change up their wardrobe in their closets. I love the seasons for dressing up, I truly believe that we dress our best during the colder months. For today's post I chose my favorite Fall trends to showcase and share with you guys, hope you enjoy!

The Blazer 

Blazer's are so in at the moment, they are making their way back to the fashion runways and everyone's closet. They're great because they're practical to throw over a dress or t-shirt and turn any casual outfit into something professional and classy. Many fashion bloggers and stylists are wearing the oversized look and the checkered look which are stunning. This trend is also great for those of you who work in the corporate world, you can wear your work blazer on the weekend and make it look cute either by pairing it with a t-shirt and sneakers or by adding a belt. (See photos below that I found on pinterest)

Animal Print Everything

Everywhere you go and every store you enter you are seeing this trend. It was a trend that was big last year and this year it's bigger than ever. Animal print especially cheetah is on everything from sweaters, jackets, shoes to purses and I am loving every second of it. It's a fun staple item that looks good with any style outfit. I've added many clothing pieces with animal print to my closet, have you? 

Western Look

The western fashion style has come full force this year and is not stopping for fall/winter. Everything from fringe jackets, belt buckles, western inspired boots and rancher hats. And the best part about this trend is that you don't have to go full force with it, you can add accessories and clothing pieces that work well with your style. For example the rancher hat is an easy piece to style with jeans and a cute sweater, or even the belt buckle on a blazer or a nice pair of jeans. (See photos below that I found on pinterest)

Hair Accessories

I saw this particular trend everywhere at NYFW this past September, everyone either had a hair barrette or headband that matched with their outfit. I love this trend just because it's so girly, and feminine, it's just a light accessory to add to any outfit. You can either go big or go small, by adding various big barrettes or just a small simple one. (See photos below that I found on pinterest)

Puff Sleeves

You thought Puff Sleeves were old school didn't you? Well you thought wrong! Puff sleeves are back again this season and hotter than ever. During NYFW I saw this trend on every major runway and every designer had at least one piece with this trend in their collection. I love it because it makes a statement but can be super wearable, check out how I wore this trend and also some inspiration.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this blog post, please comment down below which is your favorite trend. Thank you all for reading and until next time.

xoxo, 😘


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